Free PDF Vol. 2

We are excited to release ColorMePhD Volume 2: Women in STEM!

ColorMePhD Volume 1 featured coloring pages communicating research performed by chemistry and chemical engineering research scientists at UC Berkeley. For Volume 2, we have expanded to universities across the country (and even the UK!). The theme of this issue is Women In STEM! Each hand-drawn coloring page and accompanying description features research performed and directed by female-identifying scientists and engineers at varying stages in their research careers: from undergraduates to PhD candidates, postdoctoral scholars, and professors!

Please feel free to download, print, and share!

In addition to our preview pages (below) this volume contains 8 BRAND NEW coloring pages featuring research in neuroscience, biology, bioengineering, ecology, chemical engineering, biomedical sciences, transportation engineering, and chemistry education and equity!

Preview Pages (released in advance of the full ColorMePhD Volume 2):

HydrogeLand: A Coloring Page and Board Game!

Featuring Chelsea Edwards and Professor Danielle Mai

ColorMePhD, 2020; Vol. 2

Visit our page here to download the game, coloring page, and printing instructions!

The Science of Rat Tickling

Featuring Dr. Megan LaFollette and Professor Brianna Gaskill

ColorMePhD, 2020; Vol. 2, pp 19-20.

PDF English

Protein Toolbox

Featuring PhD Student Alexandra Holmes

ColorMePhD, 2020; Vol. 2, pp 17-18.

PDF English

Detangling DNA

Featuring Professor Katie Galloway

ColorMePhD, 2020; Vol. 2, pp 15-16.

PDF English

A-Maze-ing Polymers

Featuring PhD Candidate Lorena Grundy

ColorMePhD, 2020; Vol. 2, pp 13-14.

PDF English

The Science of Service Dogs

Featuring PhD Student Kerri Rodriguez and Professor Marguerite (Maggie) O'Haire

ColorMePhD, 2020; Vol. 2, pp 11-12.

PDF English

Shape Selective Catalysis: Zeolite Roller Coaster Ride

Featuring Assistant Professor Michele Sarazen

ColorMePhD, 2020; Vol. 2, pp 9-10.

PDF English

Designing an Electrochemical Cell

Featuring PhD Candidate Elizabeth Corson

ColorMePhD, 2019; Vol. 2, pp 7-8.

PDF English

PDF Spanish

Polymer Pasta

Featuring PhD Candidate Whitney Loo

ColorMePhD, 2019; Vol. 2, pp 5-6.

PDF English

Structure and Function of Viral Long Non-Coding RNAs

Featuring Professor Joanna Sztuba-Solinska, Dr. Gabriela Chaves-Calvillo, and Sabrina Cline

ColorMePhD, 2019; Vol. 2, pp 1-4.

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