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Please enjoy our free science-inspired coloring pages by Julie Rorrer. We hope that these pages can provide some fun stay-at-home activities for all ages!

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Test Tubes and Petri Dishes with Spring Flowers

About Biomass Reactor:

Not only is this coloring page meant to be a fun at home activity, but it also tells a story behind the thesis work of Dr. Mickey Stone at MIT!

 Through Mickey's doctoral research at MIT, he researched various ways of converting ion a wasted portion of biomass called lignin into jet fuels! Among the biomass sources he studied were poplar (top right) and vanilla bean pods (top left). 

This coloring page shows a reactor Mickey and his colleagues developed to upgrade lignin. It works by extracting lignin from biomass in one half of the reactor, and then converting lignin to useful chemicals and fuels with catalysts in the second half of the reactor!

More to come soon! 

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